Veritas NetBackup 8.1.2 Alert Notification Status Codes

Here is the list fo Veritas Netbackup 8.1.2 Alert Notification Status Codes. These codes are very useful where Backup Administrartor needs to escalate the problem or failure which was happened on Netbackup backup system.  The information is taken from Netbackup812 Reference Guide status code release 8.1.2.  Since NetBackup supports the ticketing systems, the status code can be delivered automatically to the Backup Administrator based on inbound email services. Netbackup support many ticketing system, such as : ServiceNow, Remedy, or HP Service Manager (HPSM).

Status code | Error message
1 The requested operation was partially successful
2 None of the requested files were backed up
6 The backup failed to back up the requested files
9 A necessary extension package is not installed or not configured properly
10 Allocation failed
11 System call failed
12 File open failed
13 File read failed
14 File write failed
20 Invalid command parameter
21 Socket open failed
23 Socket read failed
24 Socket write failed
25 Cannot connect on socket
26 Client/server handshaking failed
27 Child process killed by signal
28 Failed trying to fork a process
29 Failed trying to exec a command
35 Cannot make required directory
36 Failed trying to allocate memory
37 Operation requested by an invalid server
39 Client name mismatch
40 Network connection broken
41 Network connection timed out
42 Network read failed
44 Network write failed
46 Server not allowed access
47 Host is unreachable
48 Client hostname could not be found
49 Client did not start
50 Client process aborted
52 Timed out waiting for media manager to mount volume
54 Timed out connecting to client
58 Can’t connect to client
59 Access to the client was not allowed
61 The vnetd proxy encountered an error
63 Process was killed by a signal
67 Client backup failed to read the file list
69 Invalid filelist specification
71 None of the files in the file list exist
72 The client type is incorrect in the configuration database
74 Client timed out waiting for bpstart_notify to complete
83 Media open error
84 Media write error
85 Media read error
86 Media position error
87 Media close error
89 Problems encountered during setup of shared memory
90 Media manager received no data for backup image
93 Media manager found wrong tape in drive
96 Unable to allocate new media for backup, storage unit has none available
98 Error requesting media (tpreq)
103 Error occurred during initialization, check configuration file
112 No files specified in the file list
114 Unimplemented error code
129 Disk storage unit is full
130 System error occurred
142 File does not exist
154 Storage unit characteristics mismatched to request
155 Disk is full
156 Snapshot error encountered
158 Failed accessing daemon lock file
159 Licensed use has been exceeded
174 Media manager – system error occurred
190 Found no images or media matching the selection criteria
191 No images were successfully processed
196 Client backup was not attempted because backup window closed
198 No active policies contain schedules of the requested type for this client
200 Scheduler found no backups due to run
213 No storage units available for use
219 The required storage unit is unavailable
227 No entity was found
232 A protocol error has occurred
233 Premature eof encountered
636 Read from input socket failed
800 Resource request failed
806 This mpx group is unjoinable
811 Failed to communicate with resource requester
818 Retention level mismatch
1002 Discovery detected a failed client
1542 An existing snapshot is no longer valid and cannot be mounted for subsequent operations
2000 Unable to allocate new media for backup, storage unit has none available.
2001 No drives are available for this job
2002 Invalid STU identifier type
2003 Drive is not allocated.
2004 Drive is already allocated
2005 MDS has received an invalid message from a media server.
2006 NDMP credentials are not defined in EMM.
2007 Storage unit is not compatible with requesting job
2008 All compatible drive paths are down
2009 All compatible drive paths are down but media is available
2010 Job type is invalid
2011 The media server reported a system error
2012 Media has conflicts in EMM
2013 Error record insert failed
2014 Media is not assigned
2015 Media is expired
2016 Media is assigned to another server
2017 Media needs to be unmounted from a drive
2018 Number of cleanings is invalid
2019 Media is in a drive that is not configured on local system
2020 Robotic library is down on server
2021 Allocation record insert failed
2022 Allocation status record insert failed
2023 Allocation identifier is not known to EMM
2024 Allocation request update failed
2025 Allocation request delete failed
2026 Allocation status request delete failed
2027 Media server is not active
2028 Media is reserved
2029 EMM database is inconsistent
2030 Insufficient disk space or high water mark would be exceeded
2031 Media is not defined in EMM
2032 Media is in use according to EMM
2033 Media has been misplaced
2034 Retry the allocation request later
2035 Request needs to pend
2036 Drive is in a robotic library that is up
2037 Drive is not ready
2038 Media loaded in drive is not write-enabled
2039 SCSI reservation conflict detected
2040 Maximum job count has been reached for the storage unit
2041 Storage unit is down
2042 Density mismatch detected
2043 Requested slot is empty
2044 Media is assigned to another application
2045 Storage unit is disabled since max job count is less than 1
2046 Media is unmountable
2047 Media is write protected
2048 Media is in use by the ACS robotic library
2049 Media not found in the ACS robotic library
2050 ACS media has an unreadable external label
2051 ACS media is not in the drive’s domain
2052 An ACS Library Storage Module (LSM) is offline
2053 Media is in an inaccessible drive
2054 Media is in a drive that is currently in a DOWN state
2055 ACS physical drive is not available
2056 The file name used for the mount request already exists
2057 The scan host of the drive is not active
2058 LTID needs to be restarted on media servers before the device can be used
2059 The robotic library is not available
2060 Media needs to be rewound or unmounted from a drive
2061 The host is not an active node of a cluster
2062 Throttled job count has been reached for the storage unit
2063 Server is not licensed for the Remote Client Option
2064 Job history indicates that no media is available
2065 Job history indicates that no drive is available
2066 Disk pool not found
2067 Disk volume not found
2068 Disk volume mount point not found
2069 Disk volume mount point record insert failed
2070 The specified mount path will not fit in the allocated space
2071 Unable to find any storage servers for the request
2072 Invalid operation on static mount point
2073 Disk pool is down
2074 Disk volume is down
2075 Fibre Transport resources are not available
2076 DSM returned an unexpected error
2077 DSM has already mounted the volume
2078 The maximum number of mounts for the disk volume have been exceeded
2079 DSM has detected that an invalid file system is mounted on the volume
2080 Disk volume has no max writers count
2081 Disk volume has no max readers count
2082 The drive needs to be marked as available
2083 The media affinity group is not defined in EMM
2084 Media affinity group record insert failed
2085 Disk volume is not available
2086 Disk volume cannot be used for more than one copy in the same job
2087 Media allocation would exceed maximum partially full media limit
2088 Cleaning media is not available
2089 FT client is not running
2090 FT client has no devices configured
2091 FT client devices are offline
2092 FT server devices for client are offline
2093 No FT servers for this client are running
2094 STU cannot run Lifecycle backups
2095 STU cannot run VMware backup
2096 NDMP operation does not support multiple inline copies
2097 Storage unit group does not exist in EMM configuration
2098 Media pool is not eligible for this job
2099 Required drive or drive path is not configured
2100 Maximum number of mounts has been exceeded for tape media
2101 Media server not found in EMM database
2102 Storage unit does not support spanning
2103 Media server mismatch
2104 Storage units are not available
2105 Storage unit requested for replication job is not replication capable
2106 Disk storage server is down
2107 Requested media server does not have credentials or is not configured for the storage server
2108 Requested NDMP machine does not have credentials or is not configured in NetBackup
2109 Requested Fibre Transport client machine was not found in NetBackup configuration
2110 Requested machine is not configured in NetBackup
2111 All storage units are configured with On Demand Only and are not eligible for jobs requesting ANY storage unit
2112 NetBackup media server version is too low for the operation
2113 Invalid or no disk array credentials are added for vserver
2505 Unable to connect to the database
4200 Operation failed: Unable to acquire snapshot lock
4201 Incorrect snapshot method configuration or snapshot method not compatible for protecting backup selection entries
4202 Invalid or incompatible storage unit configured
4203 Invalid or unsupported entry found in backup selection filelist
4204 Incompatible client found
4205 Incorrect or no credentials found
4206 Authentication error occurred. NetBackup Client Service is running as Local System, this is likely incorrect.
4207 Could not fetch snapshot metadata or state files
4208 Could not fetch snapshot metadata or state files
4209 Snapshot metadata or statefiles cannot be created
4210 Incorrect or no content found in snapshot metadata
4211 Snapshot not accessible or invalid snapshot
4212 Recreation of snapshot failed
4213 Snapshot import failed
4214 Snapshot mount failed
4215 Snapshot deletion failed
4216 Snapshot cleanup failed
4218 Snapshot deport failed
4219 Command operation failed: Third-party command or API execution failed
4220 Command operation failed: System command or API execution failed
4221 Found an invalid or unsupported configuration
4222 Operation failed: Unable to acquire policy lock to take snapshot
4223 Operation not completed
4224 STS Internal Error
4225 Unauthorized operation attempted by client or media on storage server
4226 Communication failure occurred with storage server
4227 STS Plug-in error occurred
4228 Storage server or plug-in version mismatch
4229 Insufficient resources or capabilities found by storage server
4230 Invalid storage topology or storage server configuration error
4231 STS Unexpected Error
4232 Invalid Discovery Query URI
4233 BIOS UUID client reference not allowed for vCloud
4234 VMware server login failure
4235 vCloud keyword used when vCloud not enabled
4236 vCloud policy includes multiple organizations
4237 Client does not meet policy requirements
4238 No server credentials configured for policy
4239 Unable to find the virtual machine
4240 Operation not supported
4241 Block-level incremental backups are not supported for this device
4243 Unable to connect to VirtualCenter server
4245 Invalid pathname for backup selection
4246 The requested operation was partially successful.
4248 Index from snapshot operation failed with an internal error
4249 Index from snapshot operation failed, catalog already exists
4250 Index from snapshot operation failed, unable to find child image or file information
4251 Index from snapshot operation failed. Failed to write into index database.
4252 Index from snapshot operation failed. Entry does not belong to any of the backup selection entries.
4253 Index from snapshot operation failed. SLP version mismatch for current and previous backup image.
4254 Invalid or no path found to create index database
4255 Index from snapshot using SnapDiff is disabled by the user
4256 Index from snapshot is not supported for the file system associated with backup selection
4257 Index from snapshot is not supported for the storage server
4258 Transient error encountered while taking Hyper-V VM snapshot.
4259 Failed to find VirtualCenter host name in VMware Lookup Service
4260 Encountered SSO login failure
4261 Encountered VMware Internal Server Error
4262 Encountered VMware vCloud Suite API failure
4263 Encountered VMware SOAP API failure
4264 Encountered unexpected error while processing TagView XML
4265 Encountered a VMware Virtual Machine Server that does not support Tags
4266 Encountered a VMware Virtual Machine Server that does not offer Tag APIs
4267 Failed to initialize Java Runtime Environment
4268 Failed to retrieve resource pool information
4269 Found multiple virtual machines with same identity
4271 Maximum virtual machine snapshots exceeded
4272 Maximum delta files exceeded
4273 Unable to lock the backup or restore host for virtual machine snapshot operations
4274 Failed to remove virtual machine snapshot
4275 Unable to consolidate Virtual Machine Disks
4276 Unable to retrieve Virtual Machine Disk information
4277 Virtual machine path contains unsupported characters
4278 Unable to retrieve virtual machine information
4279 Unable to retrieve virtual machine vCloud information
4280 Virtual machine contains independent and Raw Device Mapping disks only
4281 Virtual machine contains independent disks only
4282 Virtual machine contains Raw Device Mapping disks only
4283 Error detected while processing disk identifiers
4290 Failed to create virtual machine snapshot. Virtual machine is busy performing another operation.
4292 Unable to activate change block tracking in current state of virtual machine
4293 Invalid credentials or an access violation
4294 The virtual machine is disconnected
5402 OS Authentication error – Could not connect to the database. Please check the OS credentials
5449 The script is not approved for execution
7600 An unknown internal error occurred.
7601 Failed to register service with PBX.
7603 Failed to initialize PBX.
7604 Failed to register PBX acceptor with the reactor.
7607 Failed to set socket to non-blocking mode.
7609 Failed to perform a reactor event handler operation.
7610 Failed to parse the specified object.
7611 A connection protocol error occurred.
7612 An unexpected protocol event occurred.
7613 A lookup failed for host.
7614 No valid source-target bindings exist for host.
7617 A JSON conversion error occurred.
7618 Failed to find JSON key.
7619 The specified state machine is still active.
7622 Input I/O is required.
7623 Output I/O is required.
7624 A SSL socket accept failed.
7625 A SSL socket connect failed.
7627 SSL initialization failed.
7628 VxSS initialization failed.
7631 Certificate path lookup failed.
7632 A protocol sanity verification failed.
7633 The state machine was terminated before completion.
7634 Failed to set up a UNIX Domain Socket listener for user.
7635 Failed to create a local acceptor.
7636 Failed to import socket from remote process.
7637 Failed to export socket to remote process.
7638 Failed to create a socket pair.
7639 Failed to create a peer name mapping.
7640 The peer closed the connection.
7641 Failed to find a common CA Root for secure handshake.
7642 Failed to verify Java GUI session token.
7643 Connection cannot be established because the host validation cannot be performed.
7645 Could not get name from certificate information.
7647 Proxy peer does not conform to proxy protocol.
7648 Connection cannot be established because the host validation failed.
7649 Data retrieved from the cache is not in a valid format.
7650 Data that is retrieved from the server is not in a valid format.
7651 Could not process audit reason.
7652 Secure communication proxy is not available for use.
7653 The Peer Certificate is revoked
7654 The Certificate Revocation List is invalid
7655 Certificate Revocation List is signed incorrectly
7656 Certificate Revocation List is out of date
7657 Cannot identify service type of acceptor
7658 Connection cannot be established because the host validation cannot be performed on the target host.
7659 Connection cannot be established because the host validation failed on the target host.
7660 The peer proxy cannot find usable certificates for the certificate protocol
8500 Connection with the web service was not established
8506 The certificate has expired


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