uTorrent 3.6.0 Build 46682 : Download Multiple Files Simultaneously

uTorrent 3.6.0 Build 46682 is a popular BitTorrent client used for downloading and sharing large files over the internet. It has been designed to be a lightweight and efficient software, making it a popular choice for many users.

One of the key features of µTorrent 3.6.0 Build 46682 is its ability to download multiple files at once. This allows users to download large files in parallel, increasing the speed of the download. uTorrent also features a user-friendly interface that is simple to use and allows for easy management of downloaded files.

Another advantage of µTorrentis its ability to resume downloads that were interrupted due to connectivity issues or other reasons. This feature is particularly useful for large downloads that take a long time to complete. uTorrent also has built-in support for the BitTorrent protocol, which enables users to download and share files using the BitTorrent network.

µTorrent 3.6.0 Build 46682 also includes advanced features for power users, such as the ability to set upload and download speed limits, as well as the ability to prioritize certain files or folders for download. This makes it possible to manage your downloads and ensure that the most important files are downloaded first. Additionally, uTorrent also supports remote control through a web-based interface, allowing users to manage their downloads from any location.

Another feature that sets µTorrent apart from other BitTorrent clients is its low system resource usage. It has been designed to use minimal system resources, which makes it an ideal choice for users with older computers or those who need to run multiple applications at the same time.


The file can be downloaded at µTorrent official website. We will be asked to chose µTorrent Classic and µTorrent Pro.

µTorrent Classic can be downloaded freely with several features as shown below :
1. Download torrents in bulk. µTorrent Classic enables simultaneous torrent downloads that you can manage in a single location.
2. Optimize your bandwidth. µTorrent Classic auto-adjusts bandwidth usage, based on your network and internet connection, to ensure fast downloads.
3. Schedule your downloads. Set the day and time for your torrent downloads to start, stop or seed.
4. Remotely connect to µTorrent Classic. Add torrents to µTorrent Classic remotely from a web browser on any device.

The µTorrent Premium can be purchased with three options : PRO+VPN, PRO adnd AD-FREE.


uTorrent 3.6.0 Build 46682 is a powerful and efficient BitTorrent client that offers a range of features for both casual and advanced users. Its ability to download multiple files simultaneously, resume interrupted downloads, and support for the BitTorrent protocol, make it a popular choice for users looking for an easy-to-use and efficient way to download and share large files over the internet.

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